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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obligitory Skills Post

I’ve tried a couple of times to write a new post over the last week and a half. First it was going to be an After Action Report for one of the most entertaining roams I’ve ever participated in, then it was going to be about Anti-Piracy, then it was NRDS vs. NBSI… In every case, I’d get about a paragraph and a half, then forget the overall point I was trying to make and the post would fall apart. So, in the interest of keeping some posts flowing, I’m going to fall back on some Eve Blog Oldies. First up is the Skill Point analysis. I realize it’s not the most exciting of subjects, but it seems to be a popular one. So let’s get to it.

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Here’s the graph for Thansoli, who currently sits at just over 27 million total skill points. As you can see, Spaceship Command and Gunnery figure heavily into my point disbursement. The reason for this is quite simple. I initially created Thansoli as Caldari because a friend told me Caldari were awesome and had this great ship called the Drake that I could “totally kick ass with”. *sigh* This is what happens when you take ship advice from the most bearish of Empire Mission Bears. Since discovering the joys of capsuleer on capsuleer violence, and even trying to do some small gang work in the Drake, I have realized that Neo had it right; “Guns… Lots of guns…” So a few months ago, I decided to completely abandon the race of my birth and focus purely on Minmatar ships and weapon systems. At this point, my Minmatar skills far and away eclipse any capabilities I might have in a Caldari vessel. Let’s take a look at the major category breakdowns:

Drones – 915,231
My drone skills really suck. It’s a failing in my training that I’ve just come to accept. Caldari and Minmatar hulls don’t really rely on drone damage, so I’m able to get by with flights of Warrior and Valkyrie IIs, or the occasional *gasp* Hornet EC-300’s. Don’t tell Wensley.

Electronics – 2,629,300
There’s a lot of different stuff in the Electronics category, and I think I’ve got a smattering of all of it. My scanning skills are abysmal; I don’t even think I can get 5 probes in space. But my Electronic Warfare skills are good enough to undock  a T2 fit Scorpion with decent jamming strength and range, should the need arise. I’ll come back to the jamming skills if I ever decide to train Caldari Cruiser V and get in to a Falcon.

Engineering – 1,594,406
As a pilot of mostly shield tanked ships, I’m definitely lacking in this category. In addition to housing all of the shield skills, Engineering is also the home of the mighty capacitor skills, and really, who doesn’t want to complete their Core Capacitor Elite Certificate. When I talk about fleshing out underdeveloped skills, you can bet I’ll be looking here.

Gunnery – 6,989,885
GUNNERY, MIGHTY GUNNERY!! Apparently I wasn’t kidding around when I decided to switch to Minmatar ships and weapon systems. Most of the Gunnery support skills are already at level V, including Advanced Weapon Upgrades, and I have the ability to fit T2 Artillery and T2 Autocannons up to and including Battleship sized weapons.

Industry – 2,261,020
I am so ashamed. Mining V, Ice Harvesting V, Gas Harvesting V, Refining V, and Refinery Efficiency V. Plus I’ve already purchased and injected the processing specialization skills for all 15 ore types. If you were to peak in to Spaceship Command, you’d find Mining Barge V and Exhumers IV trained, too. On the plus side….on second thought, there is no plus side to Thansoli having all these trained.

Mechanic – 981,994
Armor Tanking. I only have 1 or 2 armor tanked ships that I keep available, despite armor tanking being perfectly viable for a number of Minmatar hulls. I’ll probably regret it later, but most of the stuff in the Mechanic category is on the “when I feel like it” list.

Missile Launcher Operation – 756,190
This category is only worth mentioning because I’m a Caldari pilot. I’ll pump up my torpedo skills for my Typhoon and Stealth Bomber fits, but otherwise I can easily live without ever seeing another missile launcher again as long as I live.

Spaceship Command – 7,704,204
There aren’t as many level V’s in here as I think I’d like. But at this point, I’m talking about stuff like Battlecruiser V, HAC V, and Recon V. My Minmatar skills are all level V here, with the exception of Minmatar Carrier (Uggh, drones) and Minmatar Dread (SOON!!). I don’t anticipate much growth here for a while, but when it comes time to cross train again, look for Caldari Cruiser V (Yay, Falcon!!) and the full Gallente cross train. Can you say Machariel?? I can.

So, what does the rest of YC113 have in store for Thansoli? I’ve already acquired both the Capital Ships and Minmatar Dreadnaught skillbooks, so you can bet I’ll be working towards that goal. Purchasing those skills put quite the dent in my wallet, so I won’t be buying and fitting my Naglfar until early next year. So to fill the time, I’ll go back and shore up some of the training holes I’ve previously mentioned. Lots of time spent with unexciting choices from Engineering, Mechanic, and Electronics.

Hopefully the Super Capital rebalancing that should be happening with the winter expansion will provide a good, solid demand for me and my Naglfar, minus the constant threat of getting insta-gibbed by some random Super Carrier hot-drop. Oh, and I hear that Dreads are somewhat lacking in the jump range department, so maybe CCP Tallest could help us out with that one while he’s at it.


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