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Saturday, July 16, 2011

CSM6 Fireside Industrial Highlights

I actually managed to catch the entirety of today's Fireside chat with the CSM today, despite some issues getting Mumble to work properly. Considering that the chat ran for an hour and twenty minutes, I'm not going to cover every comment made by every member of the CSM. So we'll just stick with some of the Industrial high points. The full audio of the Fireside Chat can be found HERE.

Industrial Questions

#1 – Does the CSM have any information regarding a possible re-balancing of moon materials, either from the moons themselves, or as a function of production requirements?

The CSM was not able to answer this question for a fairly obvious reason, the NDA. Despite that, several members did voice their own opinions on the matter. Chairman Mittens agreed that there needed to be some adjustments made, but that it would need to be more than just moving some moons around. I have no experience with T2 production, but it stands to reason that T2 production needs to include moon goo sourced from all over the cluster, and the value of Technetium needs to be reduced by eliminating or reducing the Technetium bottleneck in T2 production.

#2 – Where's the love for Low Sec??

There was a lot of input from CSM members, even from the pure nullsec members, which was a pleasant surprise. Many of the changes lowsec residents would like to see revolve around PvP, and those types of changes would require changes to the system CCP refers to as Crimewatch. Crimewatch is basically the system that kicks in every time you commit a crime, and it's a pretty big part of how Eve functions in the various parts of Empire space. There was some information about Crimewatch discussed in a DevBlog from CCP Masterplan of Team Gridlock posted in June. (LINKY)

Because so many of the problems with lowsec combat revolve around Crimewatch stuff, like gate guns, aggression timers, etc., any serious revamp would require the services of Team Gridlock, who are otherwise occupied at the moment working on Fleet Lag. Chairman Mittens came on an agreed that lowsec was in need of so much love, that only the dedication of a full expansion cycle would really do it justice. This is where I should throw in a joke about the famous 18 month development cycle...

There's hope to be had for the denizens of lowsec though. According to Trebor, CCP has indicated that some of their iterations on Incarna Establishments might (and I stress might at this point) give some inadvertent love to lowsec by pushing some of the more illicit capsuleer activities like booster manufacturing and sale out to to lowsec stations. Right up at the top of this blog, I point out that combat drives all capitalism in Eve, but as Dr. Eyjo as pointed out in the past; The inverse is also true. Whenever and where ever a capsuleer is making money, you can be sure that someone else will be waiting there to shoot him/her. So, we might get some additional traffic running around lowsec simply because CCP is forcing them to do business out there.

#3 – Incarna player run Establishments

There was a question posed about how players would pay the rent on a player run establishment, like a bar or something, and the CSM said they were expecting a combination of ISK/Aurum for rents and the items you put in said establishment. I'll be honest, I'm glossing over this topic quite a bit. There are obviously Industrial implications for establishments, just see CCPs booster sales idea for proof on that. Hell, the RPer in me has a dirty little desire to open a bar someday, but not if I have to pay CCP an extra monocle a month to do it.

#4 – The CSM hates WH residents!!!

OK, not really. But there sure is a lot of rage coming out of that camp. Basically, it was discussed at the May Summit that there may be too many ABC minerals coming out of wormholes. The CSM has said they would support removing ABCs from Class 1, 2, and 3 wormholes, maybe even Class 4s. Apparently, they have seen data from CCP indicating that a significant volume of ABCs are coming out of the wormholes and being sold. The CSM position is that the Risk vs. Reward for mining in these low end wormholes does not line up. Naturally, this is already causing a bit of an uproar from low end wormhole dwellers, who don't want one of their income sources taken away. Questions about this particular topic kept getting asked, until Chairman Mittens responded with what could only be described as a HTFU. Although the CSM would support a change like this, it's not something they really care about. Their focus will remain on the “sucking chest wounds.”

Well, that about sums up the Industrial facing changes. Other topics discussed included the nullsec anomaly nerf, Teams BFF/Gridlock, the War on Bots/Lag, and plenty of overly specific, borderlline NDA questions from the player base.

DISCLAMER: If any member of the CSM actually reads this, and feels I have misrepresented either their personal position, or the position of the CSM in general; Please let me know, I will be happy to make corrections as necessary.

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